Monday, September 26, 2011

Word Games

I've got word puzzles for you. 

I'll try to be consistent about putting up one each Monday and furnishing answers to the previous week's puzzle.  Probably my audience is so intelligent that you'll complete each puzzle long before I post the answers.

In the good old days when the Saturday Review was still publishing these were called "Wit Twisters."  In the 1980s I ran original ones in my weekly paper, The Blue Valley Gazette, and referred to them as "Word Games."

The way these work--

Complete the poem by thinking of the one word whose letters, when rearranged, will yield the appropriate word for each series of blanks.  Each dash corresponds to a letter of the word.

The artist views the farm with practiced eye.

He knows which _ _ _ _ and brush strokes to apply

To catch the _ _ _ _ rising near the field,

A monument to _ _ _ _ and labor's yield.

Y'all have fun, and one day maybe I'll explain why I call myself The Red Q, which could be a puzzle by itself.

Norm Ledgin