Sunday, November 6, 2011

Word Games

How about a couple of 'em to try this week?

Complete the poem(s) by thinking of the one word whose letters, when rearranged, will yield the appropriate word for each series of blanks. Each dash corresponds to a letter of the word.

"Be a _ _ _ _ _ , and try to rid this _ _ _ _ _ of that _ _ _ _ _ .

I would love to see the garment good as new again."

And another:

The women's matches furnished separate sport

To him--of idly watching " _ _ _ _ " cavort.

For their part, volleys at the _ _ _ _ their game,

They _ _ _ _ the balls with concentrated aim.

Answer to October 30, 2011 puzzle:

The country pace is slow, the mood just right.
Contralto calls by owls now fill the night.
A heifer lows while bedded in her stall
In eloquent acknowledgment of fall.

Till we meet again.

Norm, The Red Q

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